3 Reasons your hair is breaking under the KHIMAR

**3 reasons your hair is breaking under the KHIMAR!***

#1- The Ponytail- the ultimate offender! Sure everyone knows not to pull their hair back too tight because the tension causes thinning around the edges, but that’s not all the ponytail does! Even the looses forms of ponytails can cause damage around the area wear the elastic band is placed day after day. To avoid breakage you must alternate the location of the ponytail from high to low or on the side. Try using banana clips and ouch-less bands instead. For a smooth finish try using a head band to lay the front of your head down versus pulling it back into the ponytail. Other style options would be pin-curls or tucked updo’s. A rule of thumb is to wear every style in moderation to much of anything can be BAD! #2- The KHIMAR The hijaab is a protection for our hair until you start to grab any type of fabric and then it changes things. Many fabrics can extract moisture and your hair’s natural oils out, leaving it dry, brittle and more prone to breakage. When wearing a fabric that is a bit abrasive always remember to wear a silk scarf underneath. Do not let your KHIMAR become a breeding ground for bacteria! Our KHIMARS are sucking up some of the products that we apply to our hair daily it is important to remember to wash them every 2-3 days so that it remains germ free! #3- Ghusl without proper after care! This could have easily been number ONE. Don’t look at ghusl as a hassle, yet look at it as another opportunity to moisturize your hair. Sorry sisters but just plopping your hair back into a ponytail won’t cut it. You will be left with unnecessary tangles and eventually split ends from pulling at those tangles and the list goes on. Want to make the ghusl session smoother, start with a little conditioner and divide you hair into 4 sections. Detangle those sections one at a time while the conditioner is in, then loosely twist or braid each section, rinse and continue your ghusl as normal!

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